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My daughter started school this year and one of my favourite things as new school-mum has been getting involved with the school library (I know, surprise, right?). Most weeks I bring home a stack of new books to cover with contact before they can be borrowed, and I am loving getting to have an early peek at what is going on the shelves. (I am also one of those people who just love covering books – I find it so therapeutic! haha)

Here’s the stack I have this week! It has been a mix of picture books and novels, fiction and non-fiction, and lots of CBCA shortlist books.
I’m planning on sharing some of our favourites, and might even get Amelia to help out with reviews again, when she is interested.
It has also been good for calming my kids’ book buying habit – having new books coming through the house all the time is very satisfying! haha!

xo Bron

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