Kidlit :: Maple the Brave :: Chloe Jasmine Harris

Maple the Brave is a super cute new picture book about friendship and courage and being kind.
The illustrations are absolutely to die for – there are several pages in this one that I would frame and put on my wall as prints! But you don’t have to take my word for it – I have a special guest blogger helping me out today! Read on below the blurb to see what my 5yr old daughter liked about it…
Maple lives in a tree house in the woods. She’s scared of most things, especially the animals who live below. But one day, when she bravely steps out of her comfort zone, she finds that the animals are really quite kind. With their help, she awakens a sense of bravery she never knew she had. This is a gentle, Jungle Book-like adventure, where our doll-like heroine ultimately returns to her tree house stronger, more confident, and with a whole forest of friends.

I liked when Maple wasn’t afraid of the animals because they were kind to her.
The pictures were colourful.
This was my favourite page:

Amelia xoxo

Maple the Brave by Chloe Jasmine Harris
Out now from Walker Books

Source: Free copy sent to us by Walker Books (thank you!)
Category: Picture books
Themes: Bravery, kindness, friendship, fears

4 thoughts on “Kidlit :: Maple the Brave :: Chloe Jasmine Harris

  1. This book sounds lovely!I absolutely adore Amelia's review, she should be very proud of herself! And the page she chose as her favourite is gorgeous. The illustrations and artwork look positively gorgeous!


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