3… epic adventure-y middle-grade books

We’re officially into the final week of my month of Aussie middle-grade binge reading and I’ve managed to knock off all of the shorter books on my tbr (as well as adding a few to the list thanks to some excellent recommendations). This morning I went to my stack and noticed that the books I have left are all the bigger ones, that happen to also all be epic and adventure-y, and the first in their series.

I feel like there’s not really anything else I can say about these until I’ve actually read them lol! I did talk a little bit about each in my May TBR post as the start of the month, so click over here if you’re interested.

I kind of think I might be able to read these all by the end of the month, especially since we have a long weekend coming up, but I’d love to know which one you think I should read first!

xo Bron


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