Christmassy :: Q&A with Marita Smith

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marita Smith when the second book in her #loveozya Kindred Ties series, was released. Marita was kind enough to agree to come and talk to us again, this time about all things Christmassy!

The second book in your Kindred Ties series, Emergence, came out in 2018 (yay!). Can you please tell us a little bit about the series, and what inspired you to write it? 
 In the Kindred Ties series, a small percentage of the population has a rare gene mutation that allows them to communicate with animals, a mutation that has lain dormant and forgotten for millennia. As a solar storm brews, a small group of researchers discovers three teenagers with unique abilities, able to communicate with animals from each of the three major biomes: earth, air, and water. These teenagers are walkers, able to bridge our world and the spirit world, destined to bring Earth into balance. Yet they’re hunted by a powerful genetics organisation, the MRI, which will stop at nothing to control their powers. Trying to stay one step ahead of the MRI, the walkers must unlock the full potential of their abilities. Can they figure out the MRI’s plans before it’s too late? This series is inspired by my time at university studying science and working on organic farms in Europe and Australia, in addition to my love of the series Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Do you like to read seasonal books, and do you have a favourite Christmas story or book?
I’m always a sucker for Christmas at Hogwarts!

Is there a particular book you’d love to find under your Christmas tree this year? 
The Rift by Rachael Craw. I am PSYCHED.

Do you have a favourite book you’ve read this year that you’ll be recommending (or giving as a Christmas present!) to everyone you know? 
Circe by Madeline Miller – I love Greek mythology, and this is such a beautiful and creative story. I can’t shut up about it!

Can you share a favourite Christmas tradition or memory? 
 Reading The Night Before Christmas with the family and leaving biscuits and milk out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve (plus a carrot for the reindeer).

Can you tell us a bit about what you are working on next?
I am currently busy with edits on Book 3!

Thanks so much to Marita for taking the time to answer my questions! Just between us, I can’t wait to get my hands on book 3 of the Kindred Ties series! You can check out my (spoiler-free!) review of the series so far here.

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