Review :: Christmas in Ghost Gum Springs :: Nicole Flockton

Diana Jenkins’ dream vacation has turned into a nightmare. First, her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Australia. Then she’s rescued by a tall, blonde Aussie who won’t take her back to Sydney, only to the blink–and–you’ll–miss–it town of Ghost Gum Springs. Finally, the rental car company won’t be able to deliver her a new car until after the holidays. So now she’s hot, jet–lagged, and stuck in a small town just like the one she’s trying to escape. Australian small towns won’t be any different from Montana small towns, and Diana wants out.

A lover of all things Christmas, Connor Shetland is determined to bring the Christmas spirit to the small town of Ghost Gum Springs. Stepping away from his law career to run the local pub for three months is the best decision he’s ever made, and now he’s relaxed, cheerful, and ready to take on even the grinchiest of Scrooges. He just didn’t expect Scrooge to be quite so attractive.

With Diana’s mistrust of small town life and her plans thrown awry, Connor has his work cut out for him. But Christmas miracles never come easy, but they come to those who need them the most.

Most of the Christmas books I have read are set in the Northern Hemisphere, so I think it’s super fun to find some with an Aussie summer setting. Christmas in Ghost Gum Springs is a really fun, short and sweet Christmas story set in rural Australia! It’s a little bit spicy, but most of the book focuses on the main characters trying not to get together, so there is a lot of “will they/won’t they”.

I really enjoyed this one and gave it 3.5 stars. Because it’s so short I think it’s a good one if you’re not sure that Christmas romance is for you and want to give it a try.

xo Bron

*** I received a free ebook from Escape Publishing (via NetGalley) in exchange for my review. All views are my own***

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