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Nobody panic, but all of a sudden there are only 6 weeks until Christmas! This week we’re getting a bit childish, with Matt Haig’s amazing Christmassy books for kids!

I wrote a bit about these and how much I loved them last November, when I was lucky enough to have a review copy (from NetGalley) of The Girl Who Saved Christmas and rushed out to borrow A Boy Called Christmas and Father Christmas and Me from my local library as soon as I’d finished it. This year I’ve bought our own copies to keep. The covers are so gorgeous and have lovely sparkly details on them.

These are probably suited for about middle grade/early chapter readers to read themselves, but I’ll be reading them aloud with my almost 5 year old and they are definitely the kind of kids’ book that adults can get a lot out of. They are funny and clever and cute, and the illustrations are just perfect. I have also heard that the audiobooks are brilliant, especially the first one (narrated by Stephen Fry).

This year Matt Haig has released a companion book to those called The Truth Pixie. While the Truth Pixie is a character in the other books, her book is a bit different – it’s a short story told in verse about how life is sometimes hard, everyone is sometimes sad or lonely, but there will always be happy times too. On his website Matt says: “It’s a book I wrote to be a comfort guide for kids through their more worried moments.”

I absolutely adored this sweet little book. I can’t wait to read it with Amelia, and I think it might just make the perfect Christmas present for a few grown up friends of mine too.

xo Bron

***The Truth Pixie***
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Source: I adored the Christmas Series so much when I had a review copy and borrowed from the library that this year I have bought our own copies.
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