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This weekend just gone was four weeks until the Canberra Writers Festival, and I’ve been pulling together a pre-festival reading stack. I’m always a bit torn before festivals and other events, about whether I want to read ahead of the event, or wait until I have heard the author speak, which gets me excited about the book, and read it with the extra info from the author in mind. So, for the CWF I’ve pulled together a couple of titles I thought sounded interesting, and maybe I’ll pick up a few more after the event. Here’s what I have (so far!).

We See the Stars – Kate van Hooft
This is (I think) the only YA event at the CWF. It looks excellent and I’m looking forward to reading it!

Every Lie I’ve Ever Told – Rosie Waterland
I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit I don’t really know very much about Rosie Waterland at all, but some of friends were really keen on her event at the festival and her memoir looks really interesting. Also, this will count toward my Read Harder Challenge, for the prompt about a celebrity memoir.

Mullumbimby – Melissa Lucashenko
Melissa Lucashenko is going to be a part of the panel discussion at the event An Evening with First Nations Australians – this is one session that I’m sure will inspire me to pick up more books after the event.

Room on Our Rock and Are You My Bottom – Kate and Jol Temple
We’ve already read these two a bunch of times (I wrote a bit about them both in my post on Living Arts Canberra) and I think this event is going to be super fun!

These guys are all going on my August TBR – pop back next weekend when I will (hopefully!) have pulled together my August TBR stack!

xo Bron

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