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We were lucky enough to attend another fantastic children’s book event in May, this time for the launch of Blast Off by Shelly Unwin (who has recently moved to Canberra), illustrated by Ben Wood. The launch was held at my local Harry Hartog store – I have been to a bunch of events there and they always do such a fantastic job. They also have a perfect space for kids events.

Blast Off is a perfect example of narrative non-fiction – there is a fun story about traveling around the solar system to keep kids interested while they learn some actual facts about each planet. The rhyming text sounds great read aloud, and it gets extra points from my 4 year-old for featuring her favourite word in a book (bum) AND someone  vomiting in the illustrations haha

The illustrations are so perfect – the style is super cute, and there are lots of little details to look at – including a few alien stowaways to find on each page!

The event itself was brilliant. Like I said above, I love events at Harry Hartog (Woden) – the team always create comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere. Blast Off‘s author, Shelly Unwin, was amazing. The kids had so much fun as she ran them through a few tests to make sure they were brave and fit enough to be astronauts (and had them spin around a few times to make sure they wouldn’t get motion sick in space haha) before reading the book with them.  There were also loads of activities for them to do, including colouring packs and diy paper rockets they could blast off with a straw. I’m sure one of the highlights for the kids was when they got to take turns at launching a foam rocket across the store!

Shelly is also the author of a series of board books about the fun things kids can do at each age. Amelia loved the one about being 4, and we’re put 5 away for next year. I think these would make perfect birthday gifts for the under fives (check them out here).
We are looking forward to seeing what adventure Shelly is taking us on next!

xo Bron

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