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It has been a little while since I participated in the Bookish Bloggers Unite meme, but this week I’m hosting (and running a little late – I have no idea what happened to the few days!).  Bookish Bloggers Unite is a weekly meme we started as a place to talk about our favourite books, TBR piles, and to share the love about our reading lives. We have a different host each week, and every one is invited to sign up to the linky and join in!

After a couple of book events in the past few weeks I got to thinking about authors I’d really like to meet. I’m pretty lucky in that I have had the chance to meet a lot of authors I really admire, at events like the Sydney Writers’ Festival All Day YA, the Canberra Writers Festival, and author talks at local bookshops and universities. So once I sat down to think about who I would like to meet in the future it was kind of trickier than I expected! These are the four I came up with (I was going for three, but have added a bonus one =))

Jane Harper
I loved Jane Harper’s debut novel The Dry, and was excited to see the attention it got all over the world. I’d love to talk to her to find out what it was like to have your debut novel take off the way The Dry did, how it felt to be writing the follow up – Force of Nature – in the midst of all the buzz, and I’m also always interested in what it is like to make changes to  a book that feels so Australian for an international market. I think Jane will be touring when her new book – The Lost Man – comes out later this year, and I’ll definitely be watching out for opportunities to see her speak.

Maxine Beneba Clarke
If you’ve visited my blog before you probably know that The Hate Race is one of my favourite books, and Maxine Beneba Clarke is pretty much an automatic buy for me – across any genre/format/age that she writes. I have no idea what I would actually say to her if we met, but I would love to hear her speak about her work, and about anything, really.

Hannah Kent
I actually have met Hannah Kent before – she spoke at the ANU when The Good People was released – so this is kind of a cheat, but I would love to talk to her more. Her two novels so far have been historical fiction, and I’m really interested to know more about her inspiration and research processes – like, how does she know when she has come across a story she wants to tell? And how does she make it feel so authentic when she is telling it? Also,  Hannah and I both were Rotary exchange students (she went to Iceland and I to Denmark) and it would be really interesting to chat a bit more about that common experience and how it has shaped our lives and identities.

Colson Whitehead
This is a bonus one, since his books sit next to Hannah Kent’s on our shelves and I noticed them when I was grabbing The Good People for a photo. Colson Whiteheads books are all so different from each other that I am really intrigued to know more about where his ideas come from. He was in Australia last year and I would have loved to have seen him speak!

Let me know which authors you’d like to meet by leaving a link below, or in the comments!
xo Bron

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  • Sue

    Excellent choices! These authors are all amazing. Coulson Whitehead’s Zone One is hands down my favourite zombie novel. I love Maxine Beneba Clarke’s twitter feed – did you catch her mother’s day poems? 💔

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