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Hey all! It’s #BookishBloggersUnite time again! This week is being hosted by my fellow Aussie and bookish friend Sue, from Doddy About Books, and the theme is ‘Favourite Women Writers Across Multiple Genres‘. For my take on this one I’m going to talk about three authors I love who write/wrote genre fiction.

Amie Kaufman – Sci-fi
If you’ve been here before you might know I like to find any excuse to mention #loveozya, so talking about an Aussie YA author was too tempting to pass up! I have only read a couple of Amie Kaufman‘s books so far, but I have loved them and plan on reading all of her work. Her books are space adventure sci-fi with awesome characters and authentic relationships (and feelings! so many feelings!). Apart from her amazing writing, I have seen Amie at a couple of events and I just love her. She did a panel on women (and sexism) in publishing at the Sydney Writers’ Festival last year that just blew me away. She is also so open about her writing process and experience – I love following her writing updates in her Instagram stories. I am ALMOST a bit embarrassed to admit I think Amie is so wonderful that I have booked tickets to see her (and her co-writer Jay Kristoff) at Speculate (which means the super early flight to Melbourne in the morning and then flying to Sydney followed by a 3 hour bus to Canberra to get home).
While her published novels so far have been co-authored YA sci-fi, Kaufman has a middle grade book coming out in March (Ice Wolves) which is fantasy, and which sounds amazing!

Hannah Kent – Historical Fiction
I am pretty sure Aussie author Hannah Kent is either some kind of genius or magical writing witch. I have only read The Good People, but have heard only good (wonderful) things about her debut novel, Burial Rites, as well (it’s on my giant TBR!). I have also seen Hannah Kent at an event and just thought she was so brilliant – she is extremely eloquent and give the most thoughtful, measured answers when she is interviewed. If you can access it, I’d definitely recommend checking out her discussion with Richard Fidler about The Good People on his podcast (Conversations).

Shirley Jackson – Horror
I first picked up Shirley Jackson‘s We Have Always Lived in the Castle after hearing Book Riot‘s Liberty RAVE about it, and gosh I loved it too! Jackson is another writer that I absolutely admire, but who’s work I haven’t read very much of – only We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Haunting of Hill House, but we do have some of her short stories that I really want to get to.

So, those are three of my favourite women writers of genre fiction – pop over to Doddy About Books
to join in, and see what everyone has written about this prompt.

xo Bron


  • Sue

    I am here for all of the Amie Kaufman and Hannah Kent love! (I can’t believe I didn’t mention Kent – Burial Rites is one of the most exquisite things i’ve ever read.) I clearly need to read some Shirley Jackson!

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