Sunday Stack :: kind of Star Wars-y

So, this is kind of an uninspiring shot of a kind of random stack of books currently hanging out on our dining table. But there is something about piles of books like this that I just love, so I wanted to share it anyway =)

These are mostly books that I got for Christmas (the bottom 5), plus Frankenstein (which I’m reading for bookclub this month), Hangman by local author Jack Heath (currently on loan from a friend) and In the Dark Spaces, which I have out from the library at the moment (it’s #LoveOzYA and also meets the criteria for the Read Harder Challenge task about scifi with a female protagonist written by a woman). I do like that the black and reds through them kind of match though, and also, I finally saw The Last Jedi this week so I feel more prepared to look at Star Wars books! 
So, Star Wars books. I’ve heard good things about these and I’m really excited to read them! I love Star Wars, and Leia (of course), and I’m looking forward to filling in some of the back story that isn’t covered in the movies. One of the things I’ve heard about the Star Wars books is that they can make the films more enjoyable, since you have more of an idea of the bigger picture of events, i guess, and how they fit in a broader universe and time line. I’m not sure how I feel about the storytelling of the movies if extra reading is required to fill in blanks and enjoy them to their fullest (which I feel like was kind of the case with the prequel trilogy)?
In any case, keep an eye out for these in upcoming TBRs and I’ll definitely let you know what I think.
xo Bron
ps I’m pretty sure these books about Leia by Claudia Gray would also meet the criteria for the scifi task in the Read Harder Challenge – assuming, that is, that you are happy to accept Star Wars as scifi, rather than, say, a Western set in space…  (a bigger debate than I think I want to get into today haha)


  • Jade

    Looking forward to your reviews on these ones. I started Frankenstein for my creative writing course at uni but never finished it so I’m curious as to whether I should go back to it or not. Also well done on your AusYa Blogger challenge/book riot read harder. I’m already so behind on challenges but I’m aiming to catch up on a lot of YA this week for the AusYa challenge (3 Books left) and my in real life book club (3 picks there as well!)

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