Sunday book stack :: Christmassy

I haven’t shared a Sunday book stack for so long, partly because I’ve been doing so much reading on my Kindle – which obviously doesn’t translate so well to a stack!  

Today, though, I pulled out some of the Christmas books on my TBR for November and December and took a snap. Some of these covers are so lovely!

There are a couple in here that I have read previously, and am looking forward to re-reading this year, a few from the library, and also A Very Country Christmas, a collection of short stories set in Australian which I am currently reading (and as much as I love a snowy cosy Christmas romance, I have to admit there is something extra special about recognising our Christmas in a story!)
I’d love to know whether you have a favourite Christmas book, or any recommendations for festive reads!
Xo Bron

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  • LittleMissStar

    Another good selection of books!I haven't read it yet, but The Christmasaurs by Tom Fletcher is apparently really good! It's a kid/middle grade story, so you and Miss A might enjoy it together. =)

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