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After the #LoveOzYA session at the Canberra Writers Festival last week I spent a bit of time on the Love Oz YA website (so many cool resources over there!), and one of the things I came across was a fortnightly blog meme:

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I love sharing (both giving and receiving!) book recommendations, so this sounded like a lot of fun to join in with. 

This fortnight’s theme is ‘series’, and I thought I’d share three Oz YA series – one I love, one I’m partway through reading, and one I’m looking forward to…

For me this is the original, amazing, kick-arse teenage female protagonist YA story. I read this when I was at highschool, as the series came out (in fact, when the 6th book in the series was released the school librarians let me take it home before they evenprocessed it =)) and have reread (and continued to love it) many times since. 
There are 7 books in the series (and 3 in a sequel series that I never quite got into) ans I feel like this is a good one for fans of the Hunger Games (although it is more contemporary than dystopian).

I’ve only read the first book in this series so far, but it is sooooo good! The series follows the story of a girl called Alex who finds herself accidentally attending a magical school in a parallel world. It has adventure, and danger, and friendship (after the first book it already feels like one of those series where you fall in love with all the characters and how they relate to each other). Also, I understand that later there are dragons =) The 4th book in the series is due out early 2018. I feel like this is ‘suitable’ for the younger end of the YA range, and would be a good read for fans of books like The Invisible Library and maybe Harry Potter too (I feel like I’ve said that about a few things lately, but it’s that set in a school, friends, magic, adventure feeling that I’m thinking of).

I haven’t started this series yet, but am so looking forward to it – I’ve only heard wonderful things about it. I don’t actually know anything about it, except that it is fantasy. I loved Jaclyn’s contribution to the LoveOzYA anthology Begin End Begin  so I feel like I’m going to enjoy it!
So those are my three series for this fornight’s theme! I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these, and what you thought, or if you have other favourite Oz YA series you’d recommend. And to find out more make sure you pop over to the #LoveOzYA website and checkout the other blog posts on this theme =)

Bron xo

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