Bookieboo box

Have we talked yet about how much I love a book subscription box? This month two new Aussie subscription boxes for kids launched, and of course I couldn’t resist trying them both out!

The first to arrive was the Bookieboo Box  Each Bookieboo Box contains 2-3 books, plus a parent guide, and you can choose either a Bitty Box (ages 0-2), a Biggie Box (3-6), or a Family Box (one book for each age group).

The theme this month was ‘Bedtime’. We chose the Biggie Box, which contained two gorgeous hardcover books:
Teatime is a super cute story about two fairies going on an adventure in a tea cup on their way to bed. Amelia loved the rhyming in this one and at the moment she is really into the ridiculous (swimming in a cup of tea?!)
 The second book was the Night Gardener. This is the story of a street that is quiet, and kind of dull, until a garden starts secretly shaping the trees into topiaries during the night. The wonder brings the people in the street together, and their world is changed forever. The illustrations in this are so beautiful! And the story is really sweet. Amelia loved seeing how the trees changed, both as they were shaped and also with the changing of the seasons.
The box is beautifully presented, with the books individually wrapped, making it a fun package to receive and unpack. I think this would be a perfect gift for book-loving kids =)
Xo Bron

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