April library books

I love my library! For a long time I didn’t use it at all, but as ebook prices have gone up and I’ve become more interested in reading a lot of new releases, my library membership has been invaluable .
It’s so user friendly – I love that I can go online and request a book from any branch across the ACT and it will be waiting for me next time I pop into my local. In fact, sometimes it’s too easy to put books on hold and I end up with many coming all at once! 
In April I’ve had a reasonably large stack of library books, but between the Easter long weekend, some time off work, and cosy reading night I managed to get through all of these (except the Batgirl comic – I started but just couldn’t get into it). These four – A Shadow’s Breath , My Cousin RachelThe Witches of New York, and Caraval – were all fantastic, I think I gave them all between 3.5 and 5 stars, and I’m hoping to share my thoughts on them here in separate posts soon (in the meantime you can always checkout my Goodreads account).
I have a few books waiting for me to pick up this week, so I’ll be back to share those soon.


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