April TBR

Hellooooo! Let’s do a little TBR update! I think I’m going to do these monthly, but let’s see how it goes. I am pretty sure though that they’ll be quick, and probably have not the best photos (Assuming I can figure out how to get photos with in – it isn’t working out so well just now!) – if I get to hung up on how much I have to say, or how pretty the pictures are, I’ll be intimidated and put off posting and just never do it. Anyhow – let’s see what I’m hoping to read in April!


My plan is for my April to be mostly about reading my way through the Stella shortlist. I ordered a pack of the six shortlisted books from Readings, so I have them all here ready to go. I’ve actually already read The Hate Race and Between a Wolf and a Dog – both of which I have LOVED. I’m hoping to get through them before the Stella prize winner is announced on April 18 (let’s be honest – I think I’m cutting it a bit fine!)

So, as well as the four remaining Stella shortlisters, I have a four out from the library, which I might cover in a separate library haul post =)

That’s 8 more books this month, which sounds like a lot but I do have most of the month off work (I also ALWAYS overestimate how much/quickly I can read!) so let’s see how it goes =)

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